LG UJ7700 Review

LG UJ7700 vs UH7700 Review (55UJ7700 vs 55UH7700, 60UJ7700 vs 60UH7700, 65UJ7700 vs 60UH7700)

by norrystyon May 29, 2017
LG UJ7700 is mid-end of LG’s 2017 4K HDR TV lineup and also a successor of UH7700, a mid-end of LG’s 2016 4K HDR LED TV lineup. In the market, UJ7700 series is available on 4 screen sizes including 49 Inch (49UJ7700), 55 Inch (55UJ7700), 60 Inch (60UJ7700), and 65 Inch (65UJ7700). Meanwhile, UH7700 series […]
Sony A1E Review

Sony A1E vs LG OLED C7 (XBR55A1E vs OLED55C7P, XBR65A1E vs OLED65C7P)

by norrystyon May 19, 2017
Sony A1E is the first model of Sony 4K HDR OLED TV while LG OLED C7 is a part of LG’s 2017 OLED TV Lineup. In the market, OLED A1E is available on 3 screen sizes, 55 Inch (XBR55A1E), 65 Inch (XBR65A1E), and 77 Inch (XBR77A1E) while OLED C7 is only available on 3 screen […]
LG OLED C7 Review

LG OLED C7 vs OLED C6 Review (OLED55C7P vs OLED55C6P, OLED65C7P vs OLED65C6P)

by norrystyon April 24, 2017
LG OLED C7 is part of LG’s 2017 OLED TV lineup and also the successor of OLED C6 series of last year model. In the market, OLED C7 is available on 2 screen sizes including 55 Inch (OLED55C7P) and 65 Inch (OLED65C7P), while OLED C6 is also available on 2 screen sizes including 55 Inch […]

Samsung KS8000 Review

LG OLED B6 vs Samsung KS8000 (OLED55B6P vs UN55KS8000, OLED65B6P vs UN65KS8000)

by norrystyon February 15, 2017
LG OLED B6 is the lowest model of LG’s 206 OLED TV lineup while Samsung KS8000 is also the lowest model of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup. Because both of them are available on some difference in screen sizes, this comparison only applies on the screen sizes where both of them are available, those are […]
LG 60UH6550 Review

LG 60UH6550 vs 60UH6150 Review : Which one is a better choice?

by norrystyon February 9, 2017
LG 60UH6150 and 60UH6550 are the entry level of LG’s 2016 4K TV lineup. One of the benefits of them is about their cheap price where both of them are sold around $1000. As a higher series, LG 60UH6550 is sold about $200 more expensive than 60UH6150. The highlight, in addition to they come with […]
Samsung KS9500 vs LG OLED C6 Review

LG OLED C6 vs Samsung KS9500 Review (OLED55C6P vs UN55KS9500, OLED65C6P vs UN65KS9500)

by norrystyon January 27, 2017
Samsung KS9500 is the second top model of Samsung’s 2016 4K SUHD TV lineup while LG OLED C6 is part of LG’s 2016 OLED TV lineup. The similarity between them is about the form of panel where both of them come with curved panel. The flagship, OLED C6 is including one of TVs in 2016 […]

LG 55UH8500 Review

Samsung UN55KS8500 vs LG 55UH8500 Review : Which is Superior?

by norrystyon December 19, 2016
Samsung UN55KS8500 and LG 55UH8500 are the mid-end of 4K HDR TV in 2016 which sold in price range $1000-$1500. In the market, both of them are sold with almost the same price. As a2016 TV, both of them also comes with HDR technology, but the difference, 55UH8500 supports both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision […]
LG 65UH9500 Review

LG 65UH9500 vs 65UH8500 Review : What are their differences?

by norrystyon November 26, 2016
LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8500 are members of UH9500 and UH8500 series, the top model and second tier of LG’s 2016 4K SUHD TV lineup. Unlike most of 4K TVs in 2016, both of them also support HDR (High dynamic range. With super mastering engine as the images processor, they doesn’t only support HDR 10 format […]
LG 60UH8500 Review

Samsung UN60KS8000 vs LG 60UH8500 Review : Which is superior?

by norrystyon November 13, 2016
If you are searching 60 Inch HDR 4K TV in price range $1000 – $1500, you might be interested with Samsung UN60KS8000 and LG 60UH8500. Each of them is a mid class 2016 4K TV lineup of each of their manufacturer. In the market, they are sold with almost the same price, where each of […]

Samsung UN65KU7000 Review

LG 65UH7700 vs Samsung UN65KU7000 Review : Which is superior?

by norrystyon October 30, 2016
If you are searching 2016 model 65 Inch 4K TVs with a price about $1500, there are Samsung UN65KU7000 and LG 65UH7700 as your options. As a 2016 4K TV model, both of them also already support HDR (High Dynamic Range) where as we know, this technology offers more detail picture quality in dark scenes. […]