Samsung Q8C Review

Samsung Q8C vs Q9F Review (QN65Q8C vs QN65Q9F, QN75Q8C vs QN75Q9F)

by norrystyon September 30, 2017
Samsung Q9F is the flagship of Samsung’s 2017 QLED TV while Samsung Q8C is the top model of Samsung’s 2017 curved QLED TV. The major difference between them is about the form of their screen where Q8C comes with curved panel while Q9F comes with flat panel. In North America, there is no curved model […]
Sony A1E Review

Samsung Q9F vs Sony A1E Review (QN65Q9F vs XBR65A1E, QN75Q9F vs XBR77A1E)

by norrystyon September 17, 2017
Samsung Q9F is the flagship of Samsung’s 2017 4K LED TV lineup while Sony A1E is also the flagship of Sony’s 2017 4K TV Lineup. But unlike Q9F that uses LED technology, A1E uses OLED technology and also the first model of Sony OLED TV with big screen size. In the market, QN9F comes with […]
Samsung MU9000 Review

Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000 Review (XBR55X900E vs UN55MU9000, XBR65X900E vs UN65MU9000, XBR75X900E vs UN75MU9000)

by norrystyon August 14, 2017
Samsung MU9000 is the flat model of Samsung’s 2017 4K HDR LED TV lineup Series 9. You need to know, since Samsung has released QLED TV Series, Samsung Series 9 is no longer as the flagship of Samsungs’ TV lineup.  Meanwhile, Sony X900E is the second top model of Sony’s 2017 XBR X-Series under X930E/X940E […]

Samsung MU7500 Review

Samsung MU7500 vs MU6500 Review (UN49MU7500 vs UN49MU6500, UN55MU7500 vs UN55MU6500, UN65MU7500 vs UN65MU6500)

by norrystyon July 21, 2017
Samsung MU7500 and MU6500 are parts of Samsung’s 2017 4K HDR LED TV lineup series 7 and series 6. The similarity between them, both of them come with curved panel. Additionally, they equally come with 3 screen sizes available. For Samsung MU7500, there are 49 Inch (UN49MU7500), 55 Inch (UN55MU7500), and 65 Inch (UN65MU7500). While […]
Samsung Q9F Review

Samsung Q7F vs Q9F Review (QN65Q7F vs QN65Q9F, QN75Q7F vs QN75Q9F)

by norrystyon June 26, 2017
Samsung Q9F is the flagship of Samsung’s 2017 QLED TV lineup while Samsung Q7F is the lowest model of Samsung QLED TV. Both of them equally come with flat screen. In the market, Q9F comes with 2 screen sizes options including 65 Inch (QN65Q9F) and 75 Inch (QN75Q9F), while Q7F comes with 3 screen sizes […]
Samsung MU7000 Review

Samsung MU7000 vs MU6300 (UN40MU7000 vs UN40MU6300, UN49MU7000 vs UN50UM6300, UN55MU7000 vs UN55MU6300, UN65MU7000 vs UN65MU6300)

by norrystyon June 8, 2017
Samsung MU7000 and MU6300 are parts of Samsung’s 2017 4K HDR TV lineup. In the market, there are a lot of screen sizes options available of Samsung MU6300 including 40 Inch (UN40MU6300), 43 Inch (UN43MU6300), 50 Inch (UN50MU6300), 55 Inch (UN55MU6300), 65 Inch (UN65MU6300), and the biggest is 75 Inch (UN75MU6300). While for MU7000, there […]

Sony X900E vs Samsung MU8000 Review

Samsung MU8000 vs Sony X900E Review (UN49MU8000 vs XBR49X900E, UN55MU8000 vs XBR55X900E, UN65MU8000 vs XBR65X900E, UN75MU8000 vs XBR75X900E)

by norrystyon May 5, 2017
Samsung MU8000 is a midrange of Samsung’s 2017 4K HDR Premium LED TV lineup while Sony X900E is also a midrange of Sony’s 2017 4K HDR TV lineup. The screen sizes available on both are similar including 49 Inch (UN65MU8000 vs XBR49X900E), 55 Inch (UN65MU8000 vs XBR55X900E), 65 inch (UN65MU8500 vs XBR65X900E), and 75 Inch […]
Samsung MU8500 Review

Samsung MU8500 vs KS8500 Review (UN55MU8500 vs UN55KS8000, UN65MU8500 vs UN65KS8500)

by norrystyon April 15, 2017
Samsung MU8500 is a part of Samsung’s 2017 Premium UHD TV lineup Series 8 and also a successor of KS8500, a part of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup. The similarity between them, both of them come with Curved Panel. In the market, Samsung KS8500 is available on 3 screen sizes, 49 Inch (UN49KS8500), 55 Inch […]
Samsung MU8000 Review

Samsung MU9000 vs MU8000 Review (UN55MU9000 vs UN55MU8000, UN65MU9000 vs UN65MU8000, UN75MU9000 vs UN75MU8000)

by norrystyon April 7, 2017
Samsung MU8000 Series and Samsung MU9000 Series are parts of Samsung’s 2017 4K HDR LED TV lineup. If we see the series number, MU9000 is a successor of KS9000 while MU8000 is a successor KS8000, but since QLED TVs is released in 2017, they are not as the top model of Samsung 2017 4K TV […]

Samsung UN55KU6600 vs UN55KU6500

Samsung UN55KU6600 vs UN55KU6500 Review : What are their differences?

by norrystyon March 5, 2017
Samsung UN55KU6600 and UN55KU6500 are parts of Samsung’s 2016 4K LED TV Lineup series 6. At a glance, the excepting of their stand, they look similar. Both of them also equally come with curved panel. Nevertheless, although the specs and features offered by them are similar, precisely picture performance offered by UN55KU6600 is more similar […]