IPS Panel VS VA Panel Pixel Structure

IPS TV vs VA Panel TV – Advantages and Disadvantages

by norrystyon January 4, 2017
If you are searching LED TV, you will find two most popular panel technology behind them, IPS (In-Plane Switching) and VA (Vertical Alignment) panel. For determining which one suit to your preferences, of course you should know first the native characteristics of each. In the market, you will TV with VA panel on All Samsung […]

LED TV vs OLED TV : Which one you should choose between them?

by norrystyon November 18, 2016
After the death of Plasma TV, there are two dominant technologies that used for TV, OLED and LED. But for a while or at least until now, LED TV is still more dominant than OLED TVs. We can see from the reality of what happened at this time, from the many of TVs which available […]

Dolby Vision vs HDR 10, Everything You Should Know before Buy HDR TV

by norrystyon October 3, 2016
 We might have heard a lot the term “HDR 10” and “Dolby Vision” when we are searching a HDR TV. But not everyone knows a lot about them. This will be better if we have known first about them before we decide to choose a HDR TV, so as not to be disappointed later on. […]