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Comparison of Samsung UN65KU6500 vs UN65KU6300

by on May 11, 2016

Samsung UN65KU6500 and UN65KU6300 are part of Samsung 6-Series, the entry level of Samsung UHD TV lineup that released in 2016. Although the picture quality that offered is not as great as the series above, but in other side, it offers a benefit about their price. HDR ability is one of the highlights that offered by them in addition to there are also the number interesting points that offered. So, what are the differences between them and how much is it for each? To know a lot, you can read this Samsung UN65KU6500 vs UN65KU6300 comparison below, who knows one of them is in accordance with your preferences in searching big screen 65 Inch 4K TV for your room.

Samsung UN65KU6500 vs UN65KU6300 Key Specification

Specs and Features UN65KU6300 UN65KU6500
Appearance Samsung UN65KU6300 Review Samsung UN65KU6500 Review
Size 65 Inch (64.5”) 65 Inch (64.5”)
Screen Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) 4K (3840 x 2160)
Panel Type Flat Curved
Ultra Clear Panel Yes Yes
HDR Technology HDR Premium HDR Premium
Dimming Technology UHD Dimming UHD Dimming
Depth Enhancing Technology Contrast Enhancer Auto Depth Enhancing
Color Technology PurColor PurColor
UHD Up-scaling Yes Yes
Motion Rate Motion Rate 120 Motion Rate 120
Smart TV Samsung Smart TV with Smart Hub Samsung Smart TV with Smart Hub
Processor Quad Core Quad Core
Remote Smart Remote (TM1650A) Smart Remote (TM1650A)
Audio Channel 2 2
Power Output 20 watts 20 watts
HDMI Port 3 3
USB 2 2
Price See the Price on Amazon See the Price on Amazon


The differences

We can see on comparison above, Samsung UN65KU6500 and UN65KU6300 actually is similar. The only difference between about them is about their panel where Samsung UN65KU6500 comes with curved panel while UN65KU6300 comes with flat panel. The impact certainly is on how great the quality of the picture when the viewers watching TV from side angle. And of course, with curved panel UN65KU6500 offers much better side viewing angle than UN65KU6300 that comes with flat panel. The contrast and color will looks degraded on the screen of UN65KU6300 when you are watching from side angle but on the curved screen of UN65KU6500, the degradation is not noticeable. Another bit difference is about their depth enhancing technology where UN65KU650 is powered by Auto Depth Enhancing while UN65KU6300 is powered by Contrast Enhancer. But even so, actually their function is the same that is for maximizing the contrast entire the picture.


The Similarities

The excepting of their panel type, the technologies and features that support Samsung UN65KU6300 and UN65KU6500 is similar and of course is also about their performance. One of the highlights of both is about HDR technology where we know, this technology is originally used for digital camera for offering more detail picture quality in shadow or sun highlighted glasses. And to produce brilliant HDR quality, of course this is required great HDR engine and high contrast ratio of a 4K TV. And fortunately, both Samsung UN65KU6500 and UN65KU6300 meet these criteria.  For processing HDR contents, both of them are powered by HDR Premium Engine where this technology is designed to produce clear and detail HDR picture. Additionally, for providing high contrast ratio, both of them are also powered by UHD Dimming technology where this technology significantly improves the contrast of the picture that produced, especially on dark scenes. Although not as deep as the series above that comes with precision black technology, but the black level that created by the still looks deep for its class. And of course this makes the contrast that produced also looks very strong. As we know, the deeper black level that created, the contrast ratio is higher.


In term of color, both of Samsung UN65KU6500 and UN65KU6300 are also powered by the same technology that is PurColor. It is a technology that designed for improving the color accuracy. And the result, the color of the picture that displayed on each of their screen looks accurate, even in HDR quality. But of course, color performance is not the only aspect that has an impact on the naturalness of the picture.

For processing fast motion images, both Samsung UN65KU6300 and UN65KU6500 are also powered by the same technology that is Motion Rate 120. Because this technology is based on native 60 Hz refresh rate panel, of course the result is not also as great as what produced by 120 HZ TV. Motion blur cannot be eliminated completely and still slightly noticeable in certain scenes.

About Smart TV Platform, they also feature same smart TV platform that is Samsung Smart TV 2016 with smart Hub. We all know, Samsung Smart TV is one of most attractive Smart TV platforms. In addition to it offers fast and responsive performance, there are also a lot of interest apps provided. The new interesting app is about Cloud Gaming that allows you to play tons of games without a games console.


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Performance UN65KU6300 UN65KU6500
Color Gamut (3.5/5) (3.4/5)
Contrast (4.5/5) (4.4/5)
HDR (3.8/5) (3.8/5)
Viewing Angle (2.2/5) (2.2/5)
Motion Control (3.9/5) (3.7/5)
UHD Up-scaling (4.4/5) (4.4/5)
Smart TV (4.3/5) (4.3/5)
Audio Performance (3.3/5) (3.1/5)


Which one should you choose between Samsung UN65KU6500 and UN65KU6300? As mentioned, the primary difference between them is about the type of their panel where with curved panel, UN65KU6500 offers better side viewing angle than UN65KU6300 that comes with flat panel. The excepting of panel type, what offered by them are same.  But even so, to get UN65KU6500 with better side viewing angle, you must spend more of your money. But of course this price could still change at any time. Now the decision comes back to you, I just try to describe their differences. But even so, before you decide to choose one of these Samsung 65 Inch 6-Series, this would be better if you also know what the people who have purchased one of them talk about their experience in using one of these TVs.

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