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LG 60UH6550 vs 60UH6150 Review : Which one is a better choice?

by on February 9, 2017

LG 60UH6150 and 60UH6550 are the entry level of LG’s 2016 4K TV lineup. One of the benefits of them is about their cheap price where both of them are sold around $1000. As a higher series, LG 60UH6550 is sold about $200 more expensive than 60UH6150. The highlight, in addition to they come with 4K resolution, both of them also already support HDR. But unlike the higher series where both of them already support both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, 60UH6150 and 60UH6550 support HDR 10 only. So, which is a better choice between them? Let’s start to discuss one by one about their performance.

Short Review of LG 60UH6150

LG 60UH6150 Review

Overall, picture quality produced by LG 60UH6150 is below average. Like other model of LG TVs with IPS panel, in a dark room, its picture performance is poor. This is due it has poor black level, low contrast, and also bad dark uniformity. This means when it used in a dark room, dark scenes of the picture will looks tend to grey that course will decrease the naturalness of the picture. Meanwhile, when it is used in a bright room, its picture performance is better but still not so good for its class. This is due it peak brightness is not so bright. But even so, like other IPS TV, it offers better side viewing angle than the competitors that use VA panel, even for high-end VA TV.  In addition to wide viewing angle, the other positive point of 60UH6150 is about its UHD UP-scaling engine where it up-scale lower resolution contents to near 4K quality sharply. Additionally, LG 60UH6160 is also a good performer when handling motion blur, so when you use it for watching fast moving images like sport program, the picture looks smoothly with not much motion blur appears. In addition to good motion handling, 60UH6150 also has low input lag under game mode. This means, combination between good motion handling and low input lag make it is great when used for playing video games, even for fast games that requires fast reflexes.

The other interesting that offered by LG 60UH6150 is about their smart TV platform where with WEBOS 3.0 as its platform, it offers attractive and responsive smart TV that provides tons of interesting and useful apps. But unlike the higher series, it is lack of LG magic Remote and as instead, it comes with basic remote.

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Short Review of LG 60UH6550

LG 60UH6550 Review

One level higher than 60UH6150, LG 60UH6550 is sold about hundreds dollars more expensive. Equally comes with IPS Panel, it offers deeper black level, stronger contrast and better black uniformity that makes the picture that displayed looks better than UH6150. Nevertheless, its black level and contrast are still not quite dark to display normal contents in a dark room and dark scenes still looks to gray despite not as severe as what produced by UH6150 series. But once it is used in a bright room, the picture will looks good for its class. Peak brightness is quite bright for displaying contents in a bright room that makes it offers brighter picture than UH6150, but it is still far from what required for displaying HDR contents.

With IPS panel behind it, LG 60UH6150 also offers wide viewing angle that make the contrast and color looks consistently from side viewing angle. 60UH6150 also has lower input lag that makes it s great for video games. But unfortunately, when handling motion blur, it is not as good as UH6150 series. Its pixel response time is slower that makes motion blur appears more behind fast moving object when it is playing sport program, games or fast moves. So when used for video games, it is not as good as the lower series UH6150.

Meanwhile, about smart TV, it s not different to what offered by 60UH6150. It also comes with WebOS 3.0 as the platform as the best smart TV platform in 2016. But like UH6150, it also comes with basic remote and not equipped with LG’s magic Remote. As mentioned, with the advantages in picture quality that offered, it is sold hundreds dollar more expensive than 60UH6150. But of course, this price s also not fixed and sill could change at any time.

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LG 60UH6550 vs 60UH6150 Key Specification

Specs and Features 60UH6150 60UH6550
Resolution 4K 4K
Panel Type IPS IPS
Backlight Edge LED Edge LED
Local Dimming No Yes
Picture Engine UHD Mastering Engine UHD Mastering Engine
HDR Technology HDR Pro (HDR 10) HDR Pro (HDR 10)
Tru Black Panel Yes Yes
Color Prime Pro No Yes
Ultra Luminance No Yes
Motion Handling TruMotion 120 Hz TruMotion 120 Hz
Smart TV WebOS 3.0 WebOS 3.0
Magic Remote No Ready
HDMI Ports 3 3
USB Ports 1 2
Audio Channel 2 2
Audio Output 20 watts Watts
Price See the Price on Amazon See the Price on Amazon

The advantages of LG 60UH6550

As we have mentioned a little above, the main advantages of LG 60UH6550 to 60UH6150 is about picture quality where it offers deeper black level, stronger contrast, better uniformity, and brighter peak brightness. We can see on the comparison table above, there are some differences in technology that makes its picture performance is different. The first is Local Dimming that makes 60UH6550 offers deeper black level, stronger contrast and better black uniformity, the second is Ultra Luminance that makes  it offers brighter peak brightness than 60UH6150, and the latest is Color Prime that makes they deliver different in wide color gamut. From the measurement, black level reached by LG 60UH6150 is about 0.2 nits with contrast ratio about 500:1 while 60UH6550 can reach about 0.95 nits with contrast ratio about 1050:1. Additionally, peak brightness reached by LG 60UH6550 is 415 nits at 25 % window, while 60UH6150 reach about 183 nits at all % windows due there is no local dimming behind it. This means, no matter it is in a dark room or bright room, 60UH6550 offers better picture quality than 60UH6150. Nevertheless, although display specs offered by LG 60UH6550 is good enough for displaying SDR contents in a bright room, they are not so good in a dark room especially about their black level and contrast. In other hand, although both of the already supports HDR 10 contents, but their performance is limited due their display specs don’t meet the minimum standardization of HDR 10, whether it is black level, peak brightness, and color. Meanwhile, talking about their color performance, color of the picture delivered by them looks saturated when displaying SDR contents. But unfortunately, it is also not quite wide for displaying HDR 10 contents that require at least 90% of DC P3 color space.

The other advantages of LG 60UH6550 to 60UH6150 is about their support to LG’s magic remote. Although both of them are equipped by the same basic remote, but 60UH6550 is ready for LG’s magic remote while 60UH6150 is not. This means you can buy magic remote separately and use it for 60UH6550 while for 60UH6150, it cannot be used. Another bit advantage is about Magic Zoom features where UH6550 is equipped with this feature while UH6150 is not. The other advantage but not too major is about the number HDMI Ports where 60UH65550 is equipped with 2 HDMI Ports while LG 60UH6150 is equipped with 1 HDMI port only.

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The advantages of LG 60UH6150

Although it is a lower series, this doesn’t mean LG 60UH6550 doesn’t have advantages to higher series 60UH6550. As we have mentioned a little above, LG 60UH6150 offers faster pixel response time than 60UH6550. The impact, motion blur behind fast moving object still noticeable on the screen of 60UH6550 while on the screen of 6150, there s almost no motion blur noticeable when they are used  for watching sports program or other fast moving images. This means, separated from their different picture quality, LG 60UH6150 is better for watching sports or playing video games.

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Performance UN60UH6150 UN60UH6550
Color Gamut (3.7/5) (3.7/5)
Contrast (2.4/5) (3.1/5)
HDR (3.7/5) (3.6/5)
Viewing Angle (3.7/5) (3.4/5)
Motion Control (4.8/5) (3.5/5)
UHD Up-scaling (4.4/5) (4.4/5)
Smart TV (4.3/5) (4.3/5)
Audio Performance (3/5) (3.3/5)


As we have discussed a lot above, the major advantages of LG 60UH6550 is about picture quality and some features on their smart TV, while in addition to a cheaper price, the advantage of LG 60UH6150 is about the ability when handling motion blurs. Additionally, the excepting of we have discussed above, both of them offer similar performance like low input lag, wide viewing angle, average sound quality, and other. And with their differences in performance and features, they are sold with a difference in price about hundreds dollars.

So, which is a better choice between them? Of course this comes back to your need and preferences. If you don’t mind to spend about hundreds dollars more to get better picture quality, of course LG 60UH6550 is a better choice for you. In other hand, if you are searching cheap TV for gaming, of course LG 60UH6150 is a better choice for you. Nevertheless, before you decide to choose one of them, there are a lot of opinions from each of their real users where you can make as your further consideration.

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