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LG OLED55B6P vs OLED55E6P Review : What are Their Differences?

by on October 24, 2016

LG OLED55B6P and LG OLED55E6P are part of LG’s 55 Inch HDR 4K OLED TV lineup that released in 2016. Like other models of LG OLED TV, picture quality certainly is the highlight of both, moreover they already support two HDR format at once, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.  As we know, HDR is the main focus of 4K TVs in 2016 and there are two most popular HDR formats that used, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. In addition HDR, of course there are a lot of interesting and powerful features offered by them. In the market, both of them are sold with a significant difference in price where OLED55E6P is sold hundreds dollar more expensive than OLED55B6P but of course these prices still could still change at any time. So, what features offered by each and which is a better choice between them considering their difference in price is so much?

LG OLED55B6P vs OLED55E6P Key Specs

Specs and Features LG OLED55E6P LG OLED55B6P
Appearance LG OLED55E6P Review LG OLED55B6P Review
Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840) 4K (2160 x 3840)
Screen Type Flat Flat
Size 55 Inch (54.6”) 55 Inch (54.6”)
Panel Type OLED OLED
Dimming Pixel Dimming Pixel Dimming
Picture Engine Perfect Mastering Engine Perfect Mastering Engine
HDR OLED HDR with Dolby Vision OLED HDR with Dolby Vision
Perfect Black Panel Yes Yes
Ultra Luminance Yes Yes
Cinematic Color Yes Yes
4K Up-scaling Tru 4K Up-scaler Tru 4K Up-scaler
3D Technology Passive No
Motion Control Native 120 Hz Native 120 Hz
Platform WebOS 3.0 WebOS 3.0
Features Full Browser, LG Content Store, Magic Mobile Connection, etc Full Browser, LG Content Store, Magic Mobile Connection, etc
LG Magic Remote Included (Premium) Included (Premium )
HDMI 4 (HDCP 2.2) 4 (HDCP 2.2)
USB 3 3
Ethernet 1 1
RF (Terrestrial Cable) 1 1
Composite In (AV) 1 1
Component In 1 1
Wi-Fi Built In 802.11 a/c 802.11 a/c
Channel 2.2 4.0
Sound Design by HarmanKardon Yes Yes
Total Audio Output 40 Watt(WF : 20 Watts) 40 Watt
Sound Effect OLED Surround OLED Surround
Price See the Price on Amazon See the Price on Amazon

The Differences between LG OLED55B6P and OLED55E6P


In term of Physical design, LG OLED55E6P and OLED55B6P look differently, so this will make us easier to determine which OLED55E6P or OLED55B6P. LG OLED55E6P comes with “picture on glass design. Unlike most other TV where the actual TV display is installed on a panel plastic, the actual OLED display of OLED55E6P is installed on a single ultra thin piece of glasses with almost free bezel, while the actual OLED display of OLED55B6P is installed on a plastic panel like most of TVs that available in the market. Move down under the screen of OLED55S6P, there is built in sound bar while on OLED55B6P, there is no sound bar. Physically, we can easily distinguish between LG OLED55B6P and OLED55E6P.

3D Technology

The major difference between these 2016 model LG 55 Inch OLED TVs E6 and B6 series is about 3D technology where OLED55E6P is powered by Cinema 3D technology based on passive 3D technology while OLED55B6P is not equipped with 3D technology.  But out of their difference about the existence of 3D technology behind them, 3D image delivered by OLED55E6P is really amazing. With Cinema 3D technology behind it, you will enjoy 3D images clearly and smoothly with very noticeable depth of 3D images. Additionally, we all know, passive 3D technology offer flicker-free and judder-free so it is more comfortable for eyes.  The other benefit is about 3D glasses. In addition to their price is cheap, they are also more comfort to use, lighter, and battery-free. A downside, actually each of eyes didn’t receive full resolution of 3D images, but our brain can be fooled for it, so it seems 3D images that we have seen is full resolution.

Sound Quality

Moving on sound quality, what delivered by LG OLED55B6P and OLED55E6P is also different. OLED55E6P comes with 2.2 channel built-in sound bar designed by HarmanKardon while OLED55B6P is equipped with 4.0 channels speaker system also designed by HarmanKardon. In term of loudness, they are similar considering the total sound output of each of them is same that is 40 watts. But of course, sound quality is not about loudness only. The balance between low, middle, and high frequency also become important aspect on sound quality.  In this case, there is no woofer on OLED55B6P that cause poor performance on low frequency or bass of the sound delivered. Another case with OLED55E6P, with 2 channel woofer, it offers more steady low frequency or bass. Separated from their differences in sound quality, overall, sound quality delivered by them is above average considering their sound system is designed by Harman Kardon, a big name of premium audio system manufacturer.

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The similarities

Picture quality

As we see on comparison table above, both of LG OLED55E6P and OLED55B6P are powered by similar display specifications. But is it true that they offer similar performance is picture quality considering their difference in price is very significant. 3D technology, difference in sound quality, and physical design certainly are not comparable with $1000 as their difference in price. Let’s discuss about the display performance that offered by them.

As mentioned, both of these LG OLED55E6P and OLED55B6P already support both of HDR formats, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. Behind them, there are Perfect mastering engine with HDR Super and Dolby Vision for processing HDR signals. For displaying each of these HDR formats fully, this is needed a certain standardization of display specs. Briefly, HDR 10 need 0.0005 – 540 nits of contrast range and 90% of DCI P3 color space with 10 bit depth of panel while Dolby Vision need 0-10000 nits of contrast range and Rec.2020 color space with 12 bit panel depth of color. This means, to display Dolby Vision contents fully, it need higher standardization than HDR 10. So, what display specs that offered by each of them.

HDR 10 vs Dolby Vision

As we know, OLED technology has self-lighting pixel, this means each of can switch on/off/dimmed individually without being influenced the condition of other pixel surrounding. This allows OLED TV including OLED55E6P and OLED55B6P can deliver perfect black level and infinite contrast ratio. With perfect black level or 0 nits, in term of black level, there is no issue when they are displaying HDR 10 or Dolby Vision contents. Moving on peak brightness, LG OLED55B6P can reach about 745 nits of peak brightness while OLED55E6P can reach about 652 nits of peak brightness on the 2% of window. What reached by them is above the minimum standardization of peak brightness set for HDR 10. This means, in term of contrast, both of them can display HDR 10 contents fully without any issues.  But for Dolby Vision, because it needs 10000 nits of peak brightness with currently target 4000 nits, of course for displaying Dolby Vision contents fully, their peak brightness is still far below what required.

Moving on color performance, with self-lighting pixel and 4 colors sub-pixel technology that add white sub-pixel on standard RGB sub pixel, both LG OLED55B6P and OLED55E6P can cover more than 95% of DCI color space where the minimum standardization of color gamut set for HDR 10 is 90% of DCI P3 color space. Additionally, both of these LG 55 Inch OLED E6 and B6 series also support 10 bit panel that delivers more than 1 billion shades of color. This means both of them meets the minimum standardization of HDR 10 about color gamut and depth of color. But for Dolby Vision, they cannot display Dolby Vision contents fully because what offered by them doesn’t meet the minimum standardization REC.2020 and 12 bit panels.

DCI P3 vs Rec.2020

With the display specs that offered by them, both of them meet all of the standardization set by UHD alliance for HDR 10. A HDR TV meet all standardization of HDR 10 entitled to get Ultra HD premium Certification.  This means when playing HDR 10 contents, the HDR picture that displayed on their screen looks absolute amazing with very deep black level, strong contrast, and very accurate color. This also applies when they are displaying standard or SDR contents. In other hand, although the display specs delivered by both of them doesn’t meet the minimum standardization of Dolby Vision, at least, Dolby Vision picture that displayed on their screen still looks very amazing although not fully. But even so, this certainly is not a downside of them because Dolby Vision is HDR format for future, so for this time there is no TV that can display fully.

Viewing Angle

The perfect performance is also shown by LG OLED55B6P and OLED55E6P in term of viewing angle. As mentioned, LG OLED TV has self-lighting pixels this means it doesn’t require a backlight. While the use of backlight on LED TV makes contrast and color looks deteriorate when the picture viewed from side viewing angle started at 20 degrees off center and front. What offered by OLED55E6P and OLED55B6P in term of viewing angle is really perfect even much better than LED TV with IPS panel technology. Of course, this will make you easier when set your seat in your room to get the best viewing. With other words, wherever you are watching from even from extremely side viewing angle, you will get the best viewing.

OLED TV Viewing ANgle

Motion Handling

LG OLED55E6P and OLED55B6P also offer perfect performance when handling motion blur. The respond time of pixels when changing the color is very fast. The result, there is no motion bur noticeable when they are used for watching videos with fast motion scenes like sport or fast movies. Additionally, when displaying 24p contents from Blu Ray Player, both of them also offers judder free. But there is a slight issue when they are displaying 24p contents via 60p signals from streaming devices like Fire TV or etc, where the judder cannot be eliminated completely. While when playing 24p contents via 60i signals like from satellite/cable TV, OLED55E6P shows better performance than OLED55B6P.

UHD Up-Scaling

Talking about UHD Up-scaling, what offered by LG OLED55E6P and OLED55B6P is also similar. Behind them, there is Tru 4K Up-Scaler engine that does a good job when up-scaling videos sources with lower resolution to 4K quality. Although several years passed since 4K TV was first released en masse in the market, but the availability of native 4K contents in the market is still scarce and most of them still have lower resolution. But with great UHD Up-Scaling Engine behind them, all of this issue can be solved easily. No matter the resolution of your video sources is 1080p like Full HD Blu Ray, 720p like Satellite/Cable HDTV, or even 480p like SD TV o DVDs, all of them displayed in 4K clearly and details on each of their screen.

4K UHD Up-scaling

Smart TV

LG OLED55B6P and OLED55E6P also come with the same excellent smart TV platform called WebOS 3.0. As we know, it is third version of WebOS where entering its third years, there is some upgrades and update that makes its performance much better. Some issues about streaming ability in two previous versions have been fixed. As well as about loading in time and switching between apps, it is also faster than previous versions. In term of layout, there is not much difference where it is very intuitive and comfort to use. To make you easier to access and launch your favorite apps, they are organized on Strip bar at the bottom across the screen. Additionally, apps provided are also very complete. There are VoD service apps support HDR 10 and Dolby Vision like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and many more. Additionally, there are also Web Browser, LG Content Store, Screen Mirroring, Mobile Magic Connection, Magic Zoom and many others useful apps and features.


That is not less interesting about WebOS 3.0 is about their Remote called “LG Magic Remote”. The most useful function is “point and click” that has a function like a mouse on your notebook or laptop. To launch and an apps, you just need point the pointer to the shortcut of apps and click to launch it. Additionally, this also makes you more comfort when surfing on the internet. The other interesting function is about voice navigation where you can control your TV functions with your voice.


Both of LG OLED55B6P and OLED55B6P is also equipped with virtual identical connectivity. There are 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports as their major connectivity. There are also AV In (Composite), RF (Terrestrial), Component In, Ethernet, RS 232, Audio Out (Mini jack) and Digital Audio Out (Optical) where the amount of each of them is 1. A difference between them is where all of these ports are installed. On OLED55E6P, 2 HDMI Ports, 2 USB Ports, and RS 232 are installed on the side of rear panel while other 2 HDMI Ports, 1 USB Ports, Composite In, Component In, RF, and Ethernet are installed on rear panel with facing backward. On OLED55E6P, the side of rear panel is installed all HDMI Ports and USB Ports while the other ports are installed on rear panel facing backward.

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Performance OLED55E6P OLED55B6P
Color Gamut (4.2/5) (4.3/5)
Contrast (5/5) (5/5)
HDR (4.3/5) (4.4/5)
Viewing Angle (4/5) (4.1/5)
Motion Control (5/5) (5/5)
UHD Up-scaling (4.4/5) (4.4/5)
Smart TV (4.5/5) (4.5/5)
Audio Performance (3.8/5) (3.5/5)
3D Performance (5/5) (5/5)


 As we have discussed above, 3D technology, built-in sound bar and “picture on glass” physical design are the main differences between LG OLED55E6P and OLED55B6P. In addition what mentioned, performance and features offered by each of them are virtually identical. Additionally, although both of them are sol with very significant difference in price, but display specs that delivered by them are almost the same. For processing HDR signals, both of them powered by the same HDR engine called Perfect Mastering Engine support HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. Not only just support HDR 10, they are also compliant with Ultra HD Premium Certification set by UHD Alliance. This means when displaying HDR 10 Contents, You can enjoy HDR 10 picture fully on each of their screen. In other hand, although their display specs doesn’t meet the minimum standardization of Dolby Vision, what produced by each of them still looks absolute amazing even much better than most other TVS that also support Dolby Vision. Not only HDR, Standard or SDR contents are also displayed stunningly on each of their screen.

The perfect performance that offered by LG OLED55B6P and OLED55E6P is not only about picture quality, but also on other aspects. UHD Up-scaling and Motion Handling of both are also great.  Additionally, that is not less powerful is about their smart TV platform. With WebOS 3.0 as their platform, both of them offer attractive, intuitive and responsive smart TV platform that provide a lot of useful apps. In other hand, their sound quality is also above average. A slight shortcoming of both is about their peak brightness where their peak brightness is not as bright as premium HDR LED TV like Samsung SUHD TV that can reach more than 1500 nits of peak brightness. But even so, at least, their peak brightness is still above what required by HDR 10 format.

So, which is a better choice between them? As mentioned above, LG OLED55E6P is sold about $1000 more expensive than OLED55B6P. With major advantages on physical design, built-in sound bar, 3D technology, and other some minor advantages, of course it is comparable with their difference in price. Now the decision comes back to you according to your need and budgets. If your main consideration in buying TV is just about picture quality, of course LG OLED55B6P is a better choice for you. You can save about hundreds dollars of your money to get similar picture quality. But if there are some other considerations like 3D, sound quality, physical designed, of course LG OLED55E6P is a better choice. But of course you must spend about hundreds dollars more of your money. But even so, as your further consideration before you decide to choose one of them, there are some opinions about each of them from their real customers.

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