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Samsung KS9500 VS KS9000 Review (UN55KS9500 vs UN55KS9000, UN65KS9500 vs UN65KS9000)

by on January 20, 2017

Samsung KS9500 and KS9000 are parts of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup series 9. The major difference between them is about the form of panel where KS9500 comes with curved panel while KS9000 comes with flat panel. The excepting of what affected by their difference in panel form, both of them offer virtually identical performance.  In the market, KS9500 is available on 3 screen sizes, 55 Inch (UN55KS9500), 65 Inch (UN65KS9500), and 78 Inch (UN78KS9500), while KS9000 is also available on 3 screen sizes, 55 Inch (UN55KS9000), 65 Inch (UN55KS9000), and 75 Inch (UN75KS9000). Because sizes that available on both are only on 55 inch and 65 Inch, of course this comparison is also valid for these sizes, (UN55KS9500 vs UN55KS9500) and (UN65KS9500 vs UN65KS9500). For each screen with the same size, overall, KS9000 is sold about $200 cheaper than KS9500. So, considering their difference price and performance that offered by each, which is a better choice between them? Let’s start to discuss side by side the performance offered by each.

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Samsung KS9500 vs KS9000 Key Specs

Specs and Features KS9000 KS9500
Appearance Samsung KS9000 Review Samsung KS9500 Review
Size available 55 Inch (UN55KS9000), 65 Inch (UN65KS9000), 75 Inch (UN75KS9000) 55 Inch (UN55KS9500), 65 Inch (UN65KS9500), 78 Inch (UN78KS9500)
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) 4K (3840 x 2160)
Panel Type Flat Curved
Ultra Clear Panel Ultimate Ultimate
HDR Technology HDR 1000 HDR 1000
Color Technology Quantum Dot 10 Bit Quantum Dot 10 Bit
Local Dimming Supreme UHD Dimming with Precision Black Local Supreme UHD Dimming with Precision Black Local
Ultra Black Yes Yes
Peak Illuminator Pro Pro
Depth Enhancing Technology Contrast Enhancer Auto Depth Enhancer
Motion rate Supreme Motion Rate 240 Supreme Motion Rate 240
Ultra HD Premium Certiffication Yes Yes
3D Technology No No
Smart TV Platform Tizen OS Tizen OS
Processor Quad Core Quad Core
Audio Channel 2.2 Channel 2.2 Channel
Sound Output 60W (20W x 2, Woofer 10W x 2) 60W (20W x 2, Woofer 10W x 2)
HDMI Port 4 4
USB 3 3
Price See the Price on Amazon
See the Price on Amazon

The difference Between Samsung KS9500 and KS9000

Curved Panel vs Flat Panel

As mentioned, the difference them is about the form of panel where Samsung KS9000 comes with flat panel while KS9500 comes with curved panel. According to the manufacturers, the use of curved panel on KS9500 makes it offers much wider viewing angle than KS9000 that comes with flat panel. As the consequence, the price of KS9500 with curved panel is more expensive than KS9000 with flat panel. Is it true KS9500 with curved panel offers better viewing angle than KS9000 that comes with flat panel like what claimed by Samsung as the manufacturer?


Talking about the difference between Samsung KS9500 and KS9000 certainly is same when we talking about the advantages of flat panel to curved panel. Actually, there is not only viewing angle which affected but also some other points which we will be discussed below.

Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is the major consideration of people why they choose curved TV. As claimed by the manufacturer, the use of curved panel will improve significantly side viewing angle that means picture quality will looks more consistently from wider viewing angle. But in fact, there is no significant improvement viewing angle like what offered by IPS Panel. Anyhow, it still uses VA Panel with backlighting where its pixel structure doesn’t allow to delivers good picture quality from side viewing angle. When if it is seen from 20 degrees off center and front where the picture quality start to degrade, indeed the picture on the farthest side of curved screen will look better than flat slat screen but otherwise, the picture on the nearest side of curved screen even will look worse than flat screen.  At a wider viewing angle, the picture on the farthest side will look a bit stretched while the picture in nearest side of curved panel will look a bit compressed. And of course, if you are watching TVs from this wide viewing angle, you viewing experience is below standard no matter on both flat and curved panel.  This means, there is no significant improvement of curved panel to flat panel in term of viewing angle.

Size and Immersiveness    

One of the advantages of curved screen than flat screen is about immersiveness and sizes. With the same screen size, the picture displayed on curved screen will look bigger than on flat screen. This is caused curved panel has slight bigger field of view than flat panel. As the example, with a seated position eight feet away from the 55 inch TVs, flat panel have a Field of View (FOV) of 28 degrees while curved panel has FOV of 28.42 of degrees. With certain calculation, at that distance of eight feet, curved TV with a 55 inch screen size looks like 55.8” screen size. This difference certainly is not too significant considering curved is usually sold much more expensive than flat TV.


Curved screen and Flat Screen also has a difference in reflection. Reflection will appear different on curved and flat panel. The reflections on curved screen is usually “stretched” across more of the screen than flat screen. But even so, because both of Samsung KS9000 and KS9500 is powered by Ultra Clear Panel Ultimate that significantly reduced the reflections, most of people should not be notice about it.


This may be a real advantage of curved panel to flat panel. Designed of Samsung KS9500 with curved panel will look more elegant than KS9000 with flat panel. But in other hand, due the shape is curve, this will make the mounting on the wall will be slightly more complicated than flat panel.

Those are the difference caused the difference in shape between curved panel and flat panel. Overall, the advantages of curved panel are not too significant at any points.  If the main reason when choose curved panel is you want get significant improvement in picture quality, most likely you would be disappointed. But if you don’t mind to pay more expensive for the aesthetic of curved panel and a bit improvement, there is no harm if you get one.

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Performance of Samsung KS9500 and KS9000

Picture Quality

Ignoring the difference between Samsung KS9000 and KS9500 which caused their difference in shape of panel, picture quality produced by them is virtually identical. This is due both of them are powered by similar technologies. As long as you watch TV from center and in front of the screen, picture quality that offered by them are excellent. This due great display specs delivered by them whether it is about black level, contrast, brightness, and color. Additionally, although both of them supports HDR 10 only and cannot play Dolby Vision format like LG or Vizio HDR TV, but HDR performance offered by them is really great with Ultra HD Premium Certification behind it. They are good options for you if you are searching a serious TV that can display HDR picture fully like what was intended by HDR technology itself.


In term of black level and contrast, with some Samsung’s  most advanced technologies behind them like UHD Dimming, Precision Black, Ultra Black, and more, both of Samsung KS9500 and KS9000 can reach about 0.0.15 nits of black level with about 6700:1 of contrast ratio. This might is not as dark as what reached by OLED TV, but for LED TV, what reached by them is really great. With very deep black level and strong contrast, of course this makes detail images on dark scenes can be revealed more on each of their screen, no matter they are displaying SDR or HDR contents. In other hand, the minimum standardization of black level that set by UHD Alliance for HDR 10 is 0.05 nits. This means black level reached by them is darker than minimum required for displaying HDR 10 fully.

Peak Illuminator and Precision Black

If black level reached by Samsung KS9000 and KS9500 is very dark, peak brightness reached by them is also very bright and they even are including brightest TVs in 2016. As we know, peak brightness is one of the most important aspects of HDR. With Peak Illuminator Pro technology behind them, both of them reach about 1500 nits of peak brightness, while minimum peak brightness required for displaying HDR 10 fully is 1000 nits. This means, peak brightness reached by them far exceeds what required for displaying HDR 10 fully.  The impact, quality of the picture will look consistently in bright room even in area of the screen highlighted directly by the light.


Both of Samsung KS9500 and KS9000 also support wide color gamut required for displaying HDR contents fully. As we know, while SDR contents required Rec.709 color space, HDR 10 required at least 90% of DCI P3 color space. Meanwhile, with quantum dot technology behind them, KS9500 and KS900 can deliver about 95% of DCI P3 color space. This makes the color of the picture displayed on their screen really pops and looks very accurate and of course will make the picture displayed looks natural. Once more of display spec required by HDR 10 is about depth of color where it needs at least 10 bit depth of color for delivering smooth color gradient. And both of them also support 10 bit depth of color that means they can deliver about 1.07 billion shades of color. The result, color gradient of the picture displayed on their screen is nearly perfect when inputted by 10 bit signals.

No matter they are displaying HDR or SDR contents, quality of the picture displayed on their screen will look absolutely amazing and it is not affected by the lighting conditions in a room where they are placed.  Additionally, with great UHD Up-scaling engine, whatever the sources even for lower resolution contents like DVDs with 480p resolution, you can enjoy them in 4K quality stunningly and amazingly with smalls details preserved well on their screen. The major downside of both in term of picture quality is about their poor viewing angle where this would not be a problem as long as you watch TV from center and in front of the screen. The other downside, they are not equipped by 3D technologies where all of their competitors like LG UH9500 or Sony X930D comes with 3D technology.

Motion Handling and 24p Playback

Samsung KS9000 and KS9000 are also great TV to be used for watching movies. With Supreme Motion Rate 240 technology based on native 120 Hz refresh rate panel behind them, they offer judder-free when used for watching movies from all sources, no matter it is 24p sources like Blu-Ray movies, 24p via 60i signal like movies from satellite TV, or 24p via 60p signal like movies from streaming media. Additionally, both of them also support motion interpolation for all sources up to 60 Fps.  In addition to they are great TV for watching movies, both of them are also great TV to be used for watching sports or contents with fast motion scenes. Their pixel response time might not as low as the competitors, but it is quite enough for minimizing motion blur when they are displaying fast motion images. The result, there are not much motion blurs appear and there is only a faint trail that following the fast moving object. For most of people, this should not be distracting.


Samsung UN65KS8500 ne COnnect Box

Samsung’s One Connect Box


Like most of high-end TVs that available in the market, both of Samsung KS9500 and KS9000 are equipped with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports as their major connectivity. Their HDMI ports are already support what required for HDMI connection at this time like HDCP 2.2, Audio Return Channel, CEC, and more. Additionally, their input lag is very low at all sources. This means, both of them are very great for games. Even when playing games with fast reflexes or HDR games, you will not feel laggy at all. In addition to HDMI ports and USB Ports, there are also Ethernet In, Antenna In (RF In), Digital Audio Out (Optical), and others. But there is no Component In and Composite In (AV In). Unlike most of TVs where all ports are installed on the panel, all HDMI Ports, 2 USB Ports, and RF In of KS9000 and KS9500 are installed are installed on separated box called “One Connect Box”. The benefit, if there is an update of HDMI’s firmware, you just need upgrade or change your box without change the TV.

Sound Quality

Both of Samsung KS9000 and KS9500 are equipped with 2.2 channels speaker system with 60 watts total audio power. There is a pair of built-in woofer behind them which improves their bass performance. Their frequency response is also good with quite loud maximum loudness. But like most of sound quality of TVs, pumping and compressed is still present at higher volume. Overall, sound quality of KS9000 and KS9500 is good for slim TV like them and above average. But even so, for you who care about sound quality, of course what offered by them is still less impressive and adding an external sound bar is good solution for you to get more impressive sound experience.

Smart TV

Samsung Tizen OS

Tizen OS Home Screen


As their smart TV platform, both of Samsung KS9500 and KS9500 feature excellent Tizen OS and powered by fast quad core processor with large memory support. This makes the performance is fast and responsive. Once it is launched, a loading time of an app is fast. Additionally, the selecting between apps when multitasking is felt very responsive, even for heavily multitasking. The user interface is designed simply with strip bar at the bottom across the screen contains shortcut of apps. Once app is highlighted, the popup window contains suggested contents that have to do with this app will appear on top. This makes when navigating is easy and straightforward. Apps which provided are also very complete and varied. There are VOD (Video On Demand) Service like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Videos, Spotify, and more, Web Browser, Apps and Contents Store, Screen Mirroring named Smart View, Cloud Gaming Service like GameFly and Play Station Now, and many more. Of course, all of them will make you more comfort when enjoying 4K entertainment in your home.


As the controller, both of Samsung KS9000 and KS9500 are equipped with smart remote called “Samsung Smart Controller”. It is design comfortable to use with minimalist buttons. This remote is equipped with built in microphone for voice command functionality. Additionally, with tons of IR database, this remote also can serve as universal controller for controlling other devices connected on your TV via HDMI. But unlike last year model, there is no pointer functionality which would make a little awkward when inputting text or surfing on the internet.

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Performance Samsung KS9000 Samsung KS9500
Color Gamut (4.1/5) (4.1/5)
Contrast (4.7/5) (4.6/5)
HDR (4.2/5) (4.2/5)
Viewing Angle (2.4/5) (2.4/5)
Motion Control (4.1/5) (4/5)
UHD Up-scaling (4.4/5) (4.4/5)
Smart TV (4.3/5) (4.3/5)
Audio Performance (3.3/5) (3.6/5)


As we have discussed a lot, the excepting of what caused by their difference in shape of panel, what offered by KS9000 and KS9500 is virtually identical. Excellent picture quality in SDR and HDR with Ultra HD Premium Certification, great UHD Up-scaling engine, great motion handling and 24p playback, and low input lag for games, all of them are the flagships of Samsung KS9500 and KS9000. Additionally, Tizen OS is also the other interesting thing offered by them. But otherwise, 3D technology and poor viewing angle is major downside of them as high-end 4K TVs.

So which is a better choice between them? As mentioned, both of them offer similar performance. The use of curved panel on KS9000 doesn’t give significant improvement on picture quality. But in other hand, this makes it is sold more expensive than KS9000. Now the decision comes back to you according to your preferences. If you don’t mind to spend more about hundreds dollar for paying aesthetic of curved panel and a bit improvement, you can get KS9500. But if you expect significant improvements of curved panel, you may be disappointed and I think KS900 is better option for you because it is cheaper.But before you decide to choose one of these models, there are a lot of opinion from each of their real users where you can make as your further consideration.

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