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The 5 Best 55 Inch TVs in 2018

by on February 12, 2019

The 55 Inch TV is the most popular choice where it is very ideal for a room with any sizes. And in 2018, there a lot of 55 Inch TVs released, from the entry level up to premium model and almost of each series has 55 inch model. The technologies offered are refined to produce better picture quality than the predecessor. Nevertheless, the price that offered is more affordable. But even so, since at the beginning of the year, the manufacturers gradually begin to replace the older models by the newer models, the price and availability usually fluctuate a lot. And the 2018 model may become the good alternative for you before the 2019 model are released. And of course, at the beginning of their launch, the price of 2019 models is still expensive. Below are the best 55 inch TVs in 2018 that you can consider, from the entry level model to premium model.

TCL 6 Series 55R617

TCL 55R617

TCL 55R617 may be not from the big names like Samsung, LG, or Sony, but as the TV that has cheap price, performance and picture quality offered is very satisfactory, even better than other TVs that sold more expensive. Although it is a cheap TV, but it already has Full Array Local Dimming Technology where combined to its high native contrast ratio, this makes performance of TCL 55R617 in a dark room is excellent. In addition to good native contrast ratio, this TV also has good peak brightness in SDR or HDR and also already support wide color gamut.  Additionally, it also has good pixel response time that makes it can handle motion blur fairly well. Not only that, 55R617 also has low input lags, make it is very responsive for any games, even for fast paced games. But even so, since it uses VA panel technology, the side viewing angle coverage of 55R617 is not so good. Additionally, with Roku TV as its smart TV platform, its smart TV is not as fancy and attractive as the competitor. But even so, its smart TV is still smooth and easy to use. Overall, TCL R617 is a good TV for mixed usage whether it is for watching movies in a dark room, watching sports, playing games, or HDR experience.  If you are searching a budget TV, TCL 55R617 may be the best choice for you.

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Samsung UN55NU8000

Samsung UN55NU8000

If you have more budgets, you can choose Samsung UN558000 as choice. This TV also has good native contrast ratio that makes it performance in a dark room is excellent. 55NU8000 also has local dimming technology. But unlike TCL55R617 that comes with Full Array Local Dimming, 55NU8000 comes with edge lit backlight with local dimming. Additionally, 55NNU8000 also already supports wide color gamut, makes HDR images displayed looks colorful. With SDR content, 55NU8000 has similar peak brightness than 55R617 but with HDR, its peak brightness is not as bright as 55R617. But even so, peak brightness of 55NU8000 is still bright enough to fight the glare in a bright room. Additionally, it also has good motion handling. Combination of its good pixel response time and Motion Rate 240 makes the picture produced looks smooth when they are playing fast paced images likes sports or fast movies. The advantage, this TV already supports FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate and automatic low latency mode that makes you more comfort when playing games. 55NU8000 is also has low input lags for any games, even for fast paced games. But like 55R617, since it comes with VA panel, side viewing angle becomes its major shortcoming. Overall, picture quality and performance of 55NU8000 is excellent for its price. It will be a good choice especially for games due some advanced gaming features which offered.

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Sony XBR55X900F

Sony XBR55X900F Review

Sony XBR55X900F is actually the second top model of Sony’s 2018 4K HDR LED TV lineup. But considering its price, it is including in the mid range category.  In its price range, XBR55X900F has excellent picture quality. The excepting of side viewing angle coverage, almost all factors of picture quality produced by XBR55X900F is excellent. Its native contrast ratio is strong, make it can produce deep black. Comes with Full Array local dimming, its local dimming technology performs better than most LED TVs which available in the market. Additionally, peak brightness of XBR55X900F is also fairly bright. Although it is not able to meet 1000 nits of the target, but in its class, its peak brightness is including the brightest. Its local dimming is even very effective to boost the small highlight close to 1000 nits, makes highlights of HDR images can be shown fairly bright. Not only that, although its color gamut is not as wide as Samsung QLED TV, but at least, its color gamut can still cover more than 90% of DCI P3 color space, makes color of HDR images can be shown fairly accurate like the intended. But unfortunately, since it comes with VA panel, side viewing angle is becoming its major problem. But overall, picture quality of XBR55X900F is excellent.

IN addition to excellent picture quality, Sony XBR55X900F also has excellent motion handling. It has excellent pixel response time and combined to Motion Flow XR960 behind it, motion looks very smooth and clear with almost no motion blur visible. But a bit unfortunate, it doesn’t has a optional 60 Hz BFI mode, so when it is playing 60 fps content like sports or video games, some blurs that caused by persistence may be still visible. When used for playing games, Sony XBR55X900F is also very responsive, particularly for 4K games. With 4K games, its input lags in game mode are less than 25 ms that means it is low enough for fast paced games. But a bit unfortunate, its input lags in 1080p resolution is too high, makes playing 1080p game may feel laggy, particularly for fast paced games.

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Samsung QN55Q8F

Samsung QN55Q8FN Review

At the higher class, there is Samsung QN55Q8F that may be the best in its price range. It has a bit higher native contrast ratio and full array local dimming that performs a bit better than Sony XBR55X900F, make it can produce deeper black level than XBR55X900F. Additionally, with real, peak brightness of QN55Q8FN is not as bright as XBR55X900F, but QN55Q8FN can show brighter small highlight, even brighter 1000 nits. This means, it can show highlights of HDR images brighter than 1000 nits like the creator intended. Additionally, Samsung QN55Q8FN also can produce much better wide color gamut and volume than XBR55X900F that certainly makes color of HDR images displayed on it screen looks more accurate. In term of picture quality, overall, QN55Q8FN can produce better picture quality than X900F. But as typical of LED TVs with VA panel, it also has poor side viewing angle coverage, makes the picture looks less accurate when viewed from the side.  In term of motion handling, pixel response time of QN55Q8FN may be not as low as XBR55X900F. Additionally, backlight flicker is also more visible on the screen of QN55Q8FN than XBR55X900F. But the advantage,   It already support an optional 60 Hz black frame insertion that very useful to minimize the blur that caused by 60 fps persistence. Additionally, it also already support free sync variable refresh rate and auto low latency that make you feel more comfort when playing games. And talking about a game, Samsung QN55QFN also has low input lags in Game mode at both 1080p and 4K resolution that certainly makes it is very responsive when used for playing games.

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LG OLED55B8PUA is the lowest model of LG’s 2016 4K HDR OLED TV lineup. The excepting of the processor and design, what featured by OLED55B8PUA are almost similar to what offered by the series above it. Like other model of OLED TVs, it also has infinite native contrast ratio and perfect black level, makes its performance is excellent when used for watching movies in a dark room. It also can produce wide color gamut, only a bit worse than Samsung Q7FN that has widest color gamut. Additionally, although not as bright as premium LED TV or still less than 1000 nits, OLED55B8PUA can also get bright, makes its performance when used in a bright room is also fairly good. The other advantage that offered by OLED55B8PUA, it has excellent wide viewing angle coverage. So, although you watch TV from the side, the picture displayed on its screen still looks accurate.

Not only that, LG OLED55B8PUA also has outstanding pixel response time, much lower than the lowest pixel response time LED TV can reach. This certainly makes it is as a good performer when used for watching fast paced content like sport or fast movies. Additionally, although it is not the lowest, but OLED55B8PU also has excellent low input lags in “Game Mode”, no matter the resolution of the content. This certainly also makes it is a good TV when used for playing games. Overall, performance of LG OLED55B8PUA is excellent for any usage, no matter it is used for watching movies in a dark room, sports, TV Shows, playing games, and others. But there is no perfect TV. Although in most aspects, performance of OLED55B8PUA is excellent, but it has permanent burn in risk as its major shortcoming. Nevertheless, as long as you don’t use it to show static content like playing the same games for a long time, this should not be a problem.

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Those are the 5 best TVs we have choose. We have chosen them based on their performance and price. In each of their price range, they may be the best. However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility that you have your own choice. But at least, you can make them as your consideration according to your preference and budget before you buy a TV.

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