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The Best 65 Inch TVs in 2018

by on January 16, 2019

In 2018, more and more people are looking for big screen TVs particularly 65 inch TVs. This is due more and more people want to watch TV on the bigger screen. And in 2018, there are many models of 65 Inch TVs which released that you can buy in 2019, from the entry level to premium class. And generally, 65 Inch TVs which released in 2018 are better than their last year’s counterparts whether it is about the features and performance. And the good news, their prices are more affordable than ever. AT the beginning of this year, 2019, their price and availability usually fluctuate a lot due the last years models are gradually replaced by never models. Below are the best 65 Inch TVs in 2018 that you can buy in this year, from the entry level TV up to premium TV.

Best High End 65 Inch TVs in 2018


LG OLED65B8 Review

LG OLED65B8 is the lowest models of LG’s 2018 4K HDR OLED TV.  Actually, all OLED TVs have similar picture quality and performance. But we choose OLED65B8 due its price is cheaper than other models while performance and picture quality offered are not far different to the series above it which sold hundreds or even more a thousand dollars more expensive. Like other models of OLED TVs, OLED65B8 also has perfect black level, makes it is as an excellent TV when used in a dark room. Additionally, overall, it also has excellent picture quality. In addition to perfect black level, it also has excellent color gamut that makes color of the picture produced looks very accurate. Additionally, although not as bright as premium LED TVs, peak brightness of OLED B8 is also fairly bright, bright enough to overcome the glare in most bright room. Not only that, it also has excellent viewing angle coverage, allow all viewers get the same best viewing even though they are watching TV from multiple angles. The other excellence that offered, OLED65B8 also has excellent pixel response time, allow it can produces smooth motion when used for watching fast moving images like sports or fast movies. LG OLED65B8 also has very low input lags, makes this TV is very responsive when used as the PC monitor or playing any games.

But even so, there is no perfect TV. As great as possible performance of the TV, it definitely has a weakness. And the major weakness of OLED65B8, it has a risk to temporary image retention or even permanent burn in. This is more likely to happen particularly when it plays content with static like channels logo, score board on the games or others over prolonged periods. So, to prevent this TV from permanent burn in, playing the same game or watching the same TVs channel for a long time should be avoided.  But even so, overall, OLED65B8 is excellent TV for any usage, whether it is used in a dark room or bright room, for watching movies, TV shows, Sports, playing games, or others.

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Samsung QN65Q9FN

Samsung QN65Q9FN Review

If you are worried to the permanent burn-in of OLED65B8 or you want a brighter TV, you can choose Samsung QN65Q9FN. Its black level may be not as perfect as OLED65B8 or it doesn’t have perfect viewing angle coverage, but overall, it is an excellent TV for mixed usage. Black level produced by QN65Q9FN may be not as perfect as OLED65B8P, but its local dimming effectively boost its contrast ratio, allow it to produce deep black, close to what produced by OLED TV.  Even for LED TV, black level produced by QN65Q9FN is the deepest than ever. On the other hand, Samsung QN69QFN also has outstanding peak brightness, far brighter than what reached by OLED65B8. In certain windows size, it can even reach peak brightness brighter than 1000 nits, makes it is able to show highlight of HDR images like the movies creator intended. Not just that, QN65Q9FN also can produce excellent color gamut and its color gamut is including the best in 2018.

Additionally, although not as excellent as OLED TV, it also has excellent pixel response time, makes it can produce smooth picture quality when used for watching fast moving images like sports or fast movies. In addition to low input lags, this TV also has some features that maximize its performance when used for playing games like FreeSync Support, auto low latency, and low input lag with motion interpolation. But as is TV LED with VA panel, this TV also has poor side viewing angle coverage. This means, when you are watching TVs of play games with a group of your family sit on wide seating, some of you may not get the best viewing. Overall, you will not be disappointed with performance and picture quality offered by QN65Q9FN even though you must spend a lot of you money.

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Vizio PQ65-F1

Vizio PQ65-F1 Review

If you have concerned about the burn-in risk that LG OLED65B8 has and you feel Samsung QN65Q9FN is too expensive for you, there is Vizio P Series Quantum or called PQ65-F1 you can make as your alternative. Like QN65Q9FN, this TV also has excellent local dimming that can boost its contrast ratio up to 15000:1, a bit worse than what reached by QN65Q9FN. This certainly makes black produced looks really black. Additionally, PQ65-F1 also can produce outstanding peak brightness, even brighter than QN65Q9FN. Its peak brightness is brighter than 1000 nits, make it can fight the glare easily and also show highlights of HDR images like the intended. Not only that, PQ65-F1 also can produce excellent color gamut, similar to what reached by QN65Q9FN. Essentially, in term of picture quality, picture quality produced by PQ65-F1 is not far different to what produced by QN65Q9FN, even in some aspects, it is superior. In term of motion handling, PQ65-F1 also has excellent pixel response time and BFI mode, even a bit better than QN65Q9FN has. But even so, it doesn’t support Variable Refresh rate or Freesync. The input lags of PQ65-F1 are also excellent, lower than LG OLED65B8 or Samsung QN65Q9FN.

But like Q9FN, since it uses VA panel, its side viewing angle coverage is also poor, makes it is not suitable when used in a wide room with viewers watch TV from multiple angles. Additionally, its smart TV platform is also not as attractive as Tizen OS by Samsung or WebOS by LG. But even so, considering its price, Vizio PQ65-F1 is the best alternative for you who want a sense of premium TV with more affordable price.

Best Mid Range 65 Inch TV in 2018

Sony XBR65X900F

Sony XBR65X900F Review

If you feel LG OLED65B8, Samsung 65Q9FN, or Vizio PQ65-F1 is too expensive due all of them are sold more than $2000, there is Sony XBR65X900F as the best 65 inch TVs in 2018 in mid-range class. For a mid range TV, performance of XBR65X900F is excellent. It may not able to get the black level as deep as what reached by all TVs above or its color gamut is not as wide as them, but for its price level, what reached by Sony XBR65X900F is really great. It still has excellent native contrast ratio that further enhanced by its local dimming technology. This allows it can produce deep black level, makes it has great dark room performance. Additionally, it also can get very bright in SDR or HDR, allows it is able to fight the glare when used in a bright room or able to show bright highlight of HDR. Additionally, although not as wide as what reached by all TVs above, color gamut of XBR65X900F is also still acceptable for HDR contents, make it is still able to show HDR images with full of vibrant colors. Sony XBR65X900F also has excellent motion handling, allows you to enjoy fast moving images like sports or fast movies with little motion blur. And although its input lags are too high with 1080p games but it is still acceptable for most games. Nevertheless, with 4K games, XBR65X900F also has excellent input lags.

But even so, as is typical of VA panel, Sony XBR65X900F also has poor side viewing angle. This means, when viewed from the side, the picture displayed on its screen will not look as good as when viewed from the center and front.  Nevertheless, overall, for its price range, XBR65X900F is a good TV for any usage and can be said the best in class.

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Vizio P65-F1

Vizio P65-F1 Review

Although overall, Sony XBR65X900F is the best in class, but it has a weakness in input lags, particularly with 1080p games. For this case, you can make Vizio P65-F1 as the alternative. In the market, it is sold hundreds dollar cheaper than XBR65X900F. P65-F1 may be not able to get peak brightness as bright as XBR65X900F, but on other aspects, their performance is similar or even in certain aspects, it has better performance. Black level and color gamut produced by P65-F1 is not far different to XBR65X900F. Meanwhile, local dimming of P65-F1 performs better than XBR65X900F. Additionally, reflection handling of P65-F1 may not be as good as XBR65X900F but it has better black uniformity. But even so, the up-scaling engine of P65F1 doesn’t perform as well as XBR65X900F. Overall, picture quality of Vizio P65-F1 is a bit worse than XBR65X900F particularly when they are set in a bright room or playing HDR.

Meanwhile, when used for watching fast moving images like sports or fast movies, performance of P65-F1 is far different to XBR65X900F. It also has excellent pixel response time, similar to XBR65X900F, makes its motion handling is excellent. The advantage, it has lower input lags than XBR65X900F, whether with 1080p or 4K Games. This certainly makes P65-F1 is more responsive than XBR65X900F when used for playing games.

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Samsung UN65NU8000

Samsung UN65NU8000 Review

The other TV you can make as the alternative in mid range class is Samsung UN65NU8000. It may be not able to get bright as bright as XBR65X900F or to get black level as deep as Vizio P65-F1, but if you are searching a mid range 65 Inch TV with great gaming performance, UN65NU8000 may meet your need. Overall, it has good picture quality with deep black level, decent peak brightness, and good color gamut. No matter the light condition of a room where it is used, you will be satisfied with the performance that offered. In addition to good picture quality, this TV also has fast response time, makes its performance in handling motion blur is also good. This certainly makes its performance when used for watching sports or fast movies also fairly good. The advantage than two others models, in addition to it has excellent input lags that makes it is very responsive for any games, it also already supports FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate and auto low latency. This will ensure you always get the best gaming experience.

But even so, since it use VA panel technology, can be ascertained, its side viewing angle coverage is also poor. This is not far different to the viewing angle coverage of Sony XBR65X900F or Vizio P65-F1. But even so, as long as you don’t often watch TV from the side, this should not be a major problem.

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Best Budget 65 Inch TV in 2018

TCL 65R617

TCL 65R617 Review

TCL 65R617 may be not from a big name like Sony, Samsung, or LG, but its performance is not less superior than other TVs from big names, even can be said better. Although it is a entry level TV, but it already has Full Array Local Dimming technology where you will not find this technology from big names in entry level TV. For its entry level, performance is above average, whether it is about black level, peak brightness, color gamut, uniformity, or others. In term of peak brightness, this TV can even get very bright, far brighter than other TVs in its class. This certainly makes its picture quality and HDR performance is also better than other models in its class.  Additionally, although as low as X900F or NU8000, the pixel response time of TCL 65R617 is also still fairly low, makes it well perform in handling motion blur. This TV is also a good TV when used for gaming due it has low input lags with both 1080p and 4K signal in PC and Game mode.

Over and over, since TCL 65R617 also uses VA panel, like all TVs above, its side viewing angle coverage is also poor. This will make the quality of the picture displayed on its screen degrades when viewed from the side. But even so, as a cheap 65 inch TV that sold less than $900, performance of TCL 65R617 is really excellent.

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Vizio E65-F1

Vizio E65-F1 Review

If you will TCL 65R617 is too expensive for you, there is Vizio E65-F1 as your alternative that sold cheaper than $750. Like TCL 65R617, although it is entre level TV, but Vizio E65-F1 already has Full Array local dimming technology. But even so, its local dimming performance is not as good as 65R617. It cannot also get peak brightness as bright as R617. Additionally, Vizio E65-F1 doesn’t also have color gamut as wide as 65R617.But even so, it has excellent native contrast ratio that makes it can produce deep black. Overall, although its picture quality is not as good as TCL R617, but for a 65 inch TV that sold less than $750, its picture quality is good for most light condition. Additionally, in addition good picture quality for its price level, Vizio E65-F1 also has good pixel response time and low motion handling, makes it well perform when used for watching fast moving images or playing games.

As is typical of a TV with VA panel, Vizio E65-F1 also has bad viewing angle coverage. The other weakness, it doesn’t have motion interpolation feature. Nevertheless, if you for a 65 inch TV that priced less than $750, its performance is not too disappointed.

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All of them are the best 65 inch TV that released in 2018 we choose for each class. In addition to picture quality and performance, price also becomes our main consideration in choosing them. This means, if we found two TVs with the same performance, we will choose one of them that sold cheaper. This is just our recommendation you can consideration before you buy a 65 inch TV. Does not rule out the possibility, you have your own choice. But keep in mind, there is no perfect TVs. A TV may be superior in certain factors, but in other certain factors, its performance may be not as good as other models. so you must be wise in choosing a TV according to your needs. As example, if you need a TV for gaming, don’t choose the TV that has high input lags even though its picture quality is better than the others. Nevertheless, you don’t also ignore its performance when used for other usage.

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