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Samsung UN65KU7500 vs UN65KS8500 Review

by on September 14, 2016

Samsung UN65KS8500 is part of KS8500 series, a curved type of Samsung‘s 2016 Series 8 while Samsung UN65KU7500 is part of KU7500 series, the curved type of Series 7.  Although they have the same screen size and comes with curved panel, in the market they are sold with significant different price. Of course with this different price, UN65KS8500 as a higher series should offer greater performance than the lower series UN65KU7500. So, what are their differences and similarities between them and what are the advantages of the higher series considering their difference in price is very significant.

Samsung UN65KS8500 vs UN65KU7500 Comparison Table

Specs and Features UN65KS8500 UN65KU7500
Appearance Samsung UN65KS8500 Review Samsung UN65KU7500 Review
Screen Size 65 Inch 65 Inch
Panel Type Curved Curved
Resolution 4K (3840x2160) 4K (3840x2160)
Backlighting Edge Lit Edge Lit
HDR Technology HDR1000 HDR Premium
Dimming Technology UHD Dimming with Precision Black UHD Dimming
Ultra Black Technology Yes No
Ultra Clear Panel Ultimate Yes
Color Technology Quantum Dot Panel Active Crystal Color
Depth of Color 10 Bit 8 Bit
Motion Rate MR240 MR120
3D Technology No No
Smart TV Tizen OS Smart TV with Apps and Full Web Browser
Processor Quad Core Quad Core
Audio Channel 2.1 2
Audio Power 40W (10W x 2, Woofer 10W x 2) 20 Watt
HDMI Ports 4 3
USB Ports 3 2
Price See the Price on Amazon See the Price on Amazon


Talking about similarity, actually there are not many similarities between them. Clearly, they both support HDR and equipped with smart TV although with different performance.  Additionally, 3D technology is also a shortage of both of them. This even is not for them but there is no Samsung’s 2016 TV lineup that comes with 3D technology. This is actually very unfortunate. Although this will disappoint many parties but Samsung certainly has its own reason to do that.


Talking about the differences, of course there is a significant difference between them because each of them is put in different category. KS8500 is part of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup while KU7500 is part of Samsung’s 2016 UHD TV lineup. The most difference between these categories is quantum dot panel where Samsung SUHD with this technology over wider ranges of color gamut than Samsung UHD TV lineup.  The other technologies also become advantages of SUHD lineup including UN65KS8500 than UHD lineup.

Picture Quality

Almost all models of 4K TV in 2016 brings HDR technology like as campaigned.  Of course this becomes a major concern of the people when they want to buy 2016 4K TV models. Because for almost models, this feature is new, in contrast to the other features that certainly already on the previous model and jus look the enhancement of this features.

HDR quality is a main difference between Samsung UN65KS8500 and UN65KU7500 and this certainly makes their significant different price between them. We can see on comparison table above, for processing HDR signal, UN65KS8500 is powered by HDR 1000 technology while UN65KU7500 is powered by HDR Premium. There is no specific explanation about the difference between these technologies, but essentially, both of these technologies are the brain behind the HD signal processing behind them. Nonetheless, there are not alone. There are still some aspects that have great effect on the HDR performance especially for the both UN65KU7500 and UN65KS8500.

One of the important aspects of HDR is dynamic range between peak brightness and black level.  With HDR 1000 behind it and powered by the number technologies, peak brightness produced by UN65KS8500 can achieve 1000 nits or even more. It is a standard value of good HDR picture. While peak brightness produced by UN65KS8500 is still below 1000 nits. So does about black level, with the support of some technologies like UHD Dimming with precision black and Ultra Black, black level of UN65KS8500 looks deeper than what produced by UN65KU7500. With wider range of Dynamic Range, of course the HDR picture produced by UN65KS8500 looks better than what produced by UN65KU7500.


Color performance is also an important aspect that determines the quality of HDR. As we see on comparison table above, Samsung UN65KS8500 is powered by quantum dot panel and support 10 bit panel while UN65KU7500 is powered by active crystal color and doesn’t support 10 bit. This also distinguishes between Samsung SUHD TV and UHD TV lineup. Although the both technologies offers wider range of color gamut than standard color technology, theoretically, Quantum dot panel offers wider range of Active crystal color. This certainly makes color produced by UN65KS8500 is richer than what produced by UN65KU7500. Moreover, UN65KS8500 supports 10 bit panel, this means it has 1027 x 1027 x 1027 = 1,072,341,824 or about one billion shades of color. Compare to UN65KU7500 that only supports 8 bit color with shades of color about 256 x 256 x256 = 16,777,216 or about 16 Millions. This certainly is a very striking difference between them.


With greater performance in term of color, peak brightness, deep level and other component of picture quality, UN65KS8500 certainly offers more amazing picture quality whether it is in HDR or non HDR quality. And deservedly, if UN65KS8500 is sold much more expensive than Samsung UN65KS7500 because comparable with the advantages that offered.

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Motion Clarity

In term of motion clarity when they are displaying contents with a lot of fast motion scenes, this also becomes a difference between Samsung UN65KU7500 and UN65KS8500. We can see n comparison table above, UN65KS8500 is powered by Motion Rate 240 based on native 120 Hz refresh ate panel while UN65KU7500 is powered by Motion Rate 120 Hz based on native 60 Hz.  This makes a significant difference between them in term of the result. Moreover Samsung usually is difficulty in handle motion blur although you can activate Auto Motion Plus for minimizing motion blur. And of course we already guessed the outcome. Samsung UN65KS8500 with higher Motion Rate technology and native refresh rate panel offers clearer and smoother picture details when they are displaying fast motion images. Nonetheless, what produced by UN65KU7500 also cannot be said badly, although not the best in class.

Smart TV


Samsung KS8500’s Tizen OS

As part of Samsung SUHD TV, UN65KS8500 features Tizen OS as its smart TV platform while UN65KU7500 doesn’t get. But instead, it features Samsung Smart TV with Smart Hub as their platform. The difference is about their performance where Tizen offers faster and more responsive for time operation, although they are powered by the same quad core processor. Additionally, on Tizen OS, Smart Hub have been upgraded and revamped so makes you to organize your favorite programs. But even so, about apps provided, what offered by them are not much different.


About connectivity, there is also difference between Samsung UN65KU7500 and UN65KS8500 especially for major connectivity like HDMI or USB. In term of ability, both of them support all essential for full access that required by other 4K devices like HEVC, VP9, HDCP 2.2. and more. The difference is about the number ports where UN65KU7500 is equipped with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports while UN65KS8500 is equipped with 4 HDMI and 3 USB Ports on One Connect Box.


Rear Panel of UN65KS8500

Rear Panel of UN65KU7500

Rear Panel of UN65KU7500

Samsung UN65KS8500 ne COnnect Box

One Connect Box

Audio Performance

Audio performance also becomes a difference between them. As we see on comparison table above, UN65KU7500 is equipped with 2 channels audio system with total power 20 watts while UN65KS8500 is equipped with 2.1 cha speaker with total power 40 watt. Of course, UN65KS8500 offers more impressive and powerful audio performance than UN65KU7500. But even so, the shortage of UN65KU7500 about audio performance can be solved by adding external sound bar.

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Performance UN65KS8500 UN65KU7500
Color Gamut (4.1/5) (3.9/5)
Contrast (4.7/5) (4.5/5)
HDR (4.2/5) (3.9/5)
Viewing Angle (2.4/5) (2.4/5)
Motion Control (4.1/5) (3.8/5)
UHD Up-scaling (4.4/5) (4.4/5)
Smart TV (4.3/5) (4.3/5)
Audio Performance (3.2/5) (3.4/5)


As mentioned above, with all advantages that offered, Samsung UN65KS8500 is sold about $600 more expensive thanUN65KU7500 and I think this is very decent value. In all aspect, UN65KS8500 is superior to UN65KU7500. A very fundamental difference is about picture quality especially when displaying HDR contents. Contrast, brightness, color are really superb for KS8500 but not for KU7500. This is also about Smart TV, Audio performance or connectivity, KS8500 also offers more than KU7500. But even so, this doesn’t mean what offered by UN65KU7500 is bad. Color produced is looks natural so does about black level and brightness, this also looks strong. Smart TV is also attractive and responsive and not inferior to its competitors in its class. But of course, all of them still below what offered UN65KS8500. And we certainly must remember that it is also sold about $600 cheaper, and of course this is not a bit value for their price range. Now the decision comes back to you according to your budget and taste. I just try to help describe their differences.

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